Tea and honey

7. October 2018

What tea goes well with which kind of honey? Our 5 favourite combinations.

A dream duo for relaxation and enjoyment
Sweetening tea is an art, for some even a philosophy. The classics, table sugar and rock sugar, pale quickly in comparison to the diversity of honey as a sweetener. Depending on the type, honey gives different teas a very special character.

Darjeeling and White Honey
Darjeeling, from northern India, is a particularly refined and light tea. It contains very few tannins. Its delicate flavour harmonises supremely well with honey. Together, this combination ensures an aromatic, wonderfully well-rounded tea. A perfect partner for mild Darjeeling tea is the fine White Honey, which also adds a slightly spicy character.

Chai and Forest Honey
Chai is something quite special: In its country of origin, India, it’s popular to add plenty of sweetener to this black tea mixed with spices and serve it with milk. Aromatic kinds of honey best match this intense, spiced tea. With the strong, somewhat tangy Forest Honey, Chai tea develops a particularly aromatic and full-bodied spiciness.

Rooibos tea and Golden Clear
South Africans love their national drink, rooibos tea, hot and cold; it’s prepared from the leaves of a gorse-like bush. The tea, with its intense reddish-brown colour, mild, aromatic taste and lack of stimulating effect, is also very popular here at home. Langnese Golden Cear Honey lends the aromatic tea a sweet delicate character.

Green Sencha and Bee Easy Acacia Honey 
Japanese Sencha tea looks very delicate and light green in the teacup. The unfermented tea leaves give a tender, fresh flavour. The honey used to add sweetness and aroma to this tea should be equally mild. A particularly harmonious liaison is green Sencha blended with the delicate, mild Bee Easy Acacia Honey.

Earl Grey and Bee Easy Wild Blossom Honey
Its tender, citrus scent of bergamot oil and its light, smoky character define Earl Grey tea. This aromatic tea blends well with a somewhat stronger type of honey. The intense, floral bouquet of Bee Easy Wild Blossom Honey deepens the flavour of the Earl Grey. With fine, sweet Country Honey, it tastes mild and gentle.