Chinese specialities

Durian Ice Cream



  1. 150g milk

  2. 250g cream

  3. 200g durian flesh

  4. 2 yolks

  5. 30g sugar

  6. 40g Langnese wildflower honey

  7. Chinese:

  8. 牛奶 150g

  9. 淡奶油 250g

  10. 榴莲肉 200g

  11. 蛋黄2个

  12. 白砂糖30g

  13. 琅尼斯天然多花种蜂蜜40g


  1. 1) Add the sugar into yolks, stir until the sugar melts. Then mix them with milk and cook the mixed liquid in a pot over a low flame. Keep stirring while cooking until it almost gets boiled, turn off the fire immediately.
    2) Pour the cream and honey into the pot, and stir it thoroughly.
    3) Then add the mashed durian flesh and stir the mixing thoroughly again.
    4) Put the small pot into refrigerator for one hour, take it out and then stir it with a whisk or electric mixer for 2 minutes, after that put it back to refrigerator.
    5) In every 1,5 hours take it out from the refrigerator and stir it for two minutes, repeat the same process for five times. And then put it back to the refrigerator again, in about two hours the durian ice cream is ready for you to enjoy!

  2. 步骤:
    1) 蛋黄中加入白砂糖拌匀融化,然后加入牛奶,在小火上煮,边搅拌边煮,快要煮开的时候,立即离火
    2) 马上冲入淡奶油和琅尼斯天然多花种蜂蜜搅拌均匀
    3) 加入碾碎的榴莲糊,搅拌均匀
    4) 入冰箱冷藏1个小时后,取出来用打蛋器或电动搅拌器打上2分钟,再放回去冷藏
    5) 每隔1.5个小时取出来打1次,2分钟,反复5次之后,不用再打了,放进冰箱里过两个小时后,就可享用了!