Chinese specialities

Honey Grapefruit Tea



  1. 1 grapefruit

  2. 250g rock candy

  3. 250g Langnese golden clear honey

  4. 200ml water

  5. Chinese:

  6. 葡萄柚 1个

  7. 冰糖 250g

  8. 琅尼斯天然多花种蜂蜜250g

  9. 水200ml


  1. 1) Scrub the grapefruit gently with salt for ca. 3-5 minutes so as to remove the wax from the surface. Then wash away the salt with clean water.For grapefruit peel, peel off the thin yellow part for use together with grapefruit flesh,while throw away the white part.
    2) Soak the yellow peel in light salty water for ca. 8 hours in order to remove bitter taste. Cut the grapefruit flesh into small pieces or grind them in a blender.
    3) Cut the yellow peel into very tiny shreds. Put the flesh and peel into nonstick pot, add some water and rock candy, cook them over a high heat at the beginning, when it boils then switch the fire into a low flame , keep stirring with wooden spoon so as to avoid sticking to the pot.
    4) Cook for ca. 40 minutes over a low flame . When the grapefruit jam boils to thick state with big bubbles , turn off the fire.
    5) After cooling off, pour Langnese golden clear honey in and stir them evenly, then put them into a clean dry bottle, seal it up. Then put them into the refrigerator for three days.
    6) Each time just take a small portion out of the bottle into your tea cup, and then pour warm water into cup. Now it is time to enjoy your honey grapefruit tea!

  2. 步骤:
    1) 用盐在柚子表面细细揉搓3-5分钟,去除柚子表面的果蜡。清水洗去柚子表面盐份。把柚子黄色的外皮薄薄地削下来,不要白色部分。
    2) 泡在淡盐水里8小时以上,去除苦味。把柚子果肉切成小块儿或用粉碎机打成碎末。
    3) 柚子皮切细细的丝,有多细切多细。把碎果肉和柚子皮丝倒入不粘锅中、加入冰糖,少量水,大火煮开后改小火熬煮,期间用木勺不时搅动,以免粘锅。
    4) 40分钟后,看锅内柚子酱变粘稠,咕嘟大泡时,即可关火待凉。
    5) 待柚子茶凉透后,倒入琅尼斯天然多花种蜂蜜搅拌均匀即可,放在干净的瓶子里密封好,放冰箱3天.
    6) 每次饮用时,只需从瓶子中取少量至茶壶中,倒入温水冲饮后即可享受您的蜂蜜柚子茶了!