Sweet treats

Melon trifles

4 serves

Contain alcohol

  • Tip: If children are meant to enjoy these, too, then replace the sherry with milk and a little cocoa.

Easy 35 min
kcal 625 per person


  1. 500 g melon pulp (honeydew melon, Galia melon, watermelon)

  2. 500 g ricotta cheese or cream cheese

  3. Zest and juice of 1 natural lemon

  4. 250g cream curd

  5. 3 tbsp cream sherry

  6. 100 ml whipped cream

  7. 50 g Amarettini biscuits

  8. 150 g Langnese Bee Easy Wild Flower Honey


  1. Scoop out the melon pulp into balls and mix with 50 g of Bee Easy Wild Flower Honey.

  2. Stir the lemon zest, lemon juice and curd with the remaining honey and the cream sherry.

  3. Beat the whipped cream until peaks form and fold it into the curd.

  4. Layer the melon balls, Amarettini biscuits and cream in tall glasses and finish with more of the cream.

  5. Serve the trifles garnished with some lemon balm and Amarettini biscuits if desired and drizzle some Bee Easy Wild Flower Honey over the top.