Main dishes

Cod saltimbocca with honey-herb paste

Serves 4

medium 40 min
kcal kcal 630 per person


  1. 3 sprigs of tarragon

  2. 3 sprigs of dill

  3. 2 sprigs of parsley

  4. 3-4 tbsp. Langnese Forest Honey

  5. 2 tbsp. Parmesan cheese, grated

  6. 4 tbsp. olive oil

  7. 750 g cod fillets

  8. 5 tbsp. lemon juice

  9. Salt and pepper

  10. 12 slices of Parma ham

  11. 20 g clarified butter

  12. 150 ml white wine

  13. 200 ml whipping cream

  14. 2–3 tbsp. light sauce thickener


  1. Chop up the herbs and purée them with the honey, Parmesan cheese and olive oil.

  2. Cut the fish fillets into 12 pieces, season them with the lemon juice, salt and pepper and brush them with the honey-herb paste. Wrap each fillet with a piece of Parma ham and secure it with a toothpick or wooden spit.

  3. Fry the fillets in clarified butter over medium heat for 2 minutes on each side and then keep them warm in an oven heated to 100°C.

  4. Deglaze the pan with white wine, bring it to a simmer then add the cream and the thickener. Season with salt, pepper and honey and serve with the fish.