Chinese specialities

Sesame Mung Bean Pastry



  1. 250g mung beans

  2. 20g maize oil

  3. 30g butter

  4. 50g sugar

  5. 25g cooked white sesame

  6. 10g Langnese acacia honey

  7. Chinese:

  8. 绿豆250g

  9. 玉米油20g

  10. 黄油30g

  11. 白砂糖50g

  12. 熟白芝麻25g

  13. 琅尼斯天然刺槐蜂蜜10g


  1. 1) Clean mung beans and soak them in water over night until the hulls swell up and burst, rub the beans with hands, and wash away the bean hulls.
    2) Cook the beans in a steamer for about half an hour until they are ripe and soft, and then mash them with a spoon into paste.
    3) Melt the maize oil and butter over a low flame in a pan.
    4) Add the mung bean paste onto the pan, keep frying until the oil and butter are totally absorbed.
    5) Add sugar and Langnese acacia honey, and then keep frying until they are melted and absorbed into mung bean paste.
    6) Spread the cooked white sesames into mung bean paste evenly, then turn off the fire immediately, Cool them off.
    7) Round ca. 30g bean paste into a ball with hands, then press it into the mold evenly, turn the mold over and tap the top to remove the pastry. Bingo!

  2. 步骤:
    1) 绿豆提前洗净浸泡过夜至表皮胀破,双手轻搓,用清水漂洗冲走绿豆皮,如此重复直到绿豆皮脱落
    2) 将脱皮的绿豆放入蒸锅蒸半小时左右至熟软, 用勺子碾压成泥
    3) 炒锅中放入玉米油和黄油小火融化
    4) 倒入绿豆泥小火翻炒至油完全吸收
    5) 加入白砂糖和琅尼斯天然刺槐蜂蜜继续翻炒至糖完全融化吸收
    6) 均匀撒入熟白芝麻,关火晾凉
    7) 取适量绿豆泥约30g左右团成团。放入模具中倒扣,成品!