Breakfast & Brunch

Asparagus salad with honey dressing

4 serves

Easy 40 min
kcal 86 per person


  1. 500 g white asparagus

  2. 500 g green asparagus

  3. Zest of 1 organic lemon

  4. 100 ml lemon juice

  5. 2–3 tbsp Langnese Black Forest Honey

  6. 1 tbsp mustard

  7. Salt and pepper

  8. 1 bundle spring onions

  9. 100 g cherry tomatoes

  10. ½ bundle chervil


  1. Peel both sorts of asparagus, cut off the woody ends and slice the stalks at a diagonal into thin pieces.

  2. Season the lemon zest and juice with the honey, mustard, salt and pepper and toss the asparagus pieces in the marinade. Cover and let marinade for 10 minutes.

  3. Meanwhile clean the spring onions and slice into diagonal rings. Cut the tomatoes in half and chop the chervil. Carefully mix everything into the asparagus salad, place into glasses and serve garnished with chervil.