Pure Bee Honey

This is Langnese’s traditional honey, sold in our branded 6-sided jar - Golden Clear Honey. Unsurpassed purity and quality since 1927.

Pure Bee Honey

Langnese Golden Clear Honey is a pure bee honey collected in selected sunny areas. Long-standing relationships with skilled beekeepers, careful selection and the decades of experience gained by Langnese honey experts combine to create reliable, unbeatably delicious honey. The refined taste and all the nutritious ingredients in our Langnese Golden Clear Honey are retained, thanks to the careful handling of Langnese Honig at our filling plant in Bargteheide near Hamburg.

This honey composition continues to make Langnese Golden Clear Honey so popular among generations of honey fans – since 1927. It’s a must for every breakfast and ideal for many recipes.

Keep away from light and store at room temperature.

package sizes:

20g 33.3g 125g 250g 375g 500g 1000g 2000g 3000g 12500g